Arnhem hosted the 10th Plone conference. I’m a web developer since 2006 and a Plone developer since 2010 so I’m relatively new to this world and it was my first plone conference. The experience has been really amazing: Nice and smart people, parties, beer (the welcome kit with a beer and a glass was a sign), weed (it was in Holland) and some really interesting talk that alone would be worth the trip to Holland.

The Plone community is made up of really weird people. They exchange pants when they are drunk, they try to get on the plane and go back to their country with a katana in the hand baggage (story) (video) and other funny things.

The statistics related to the conference are really funny with 3500 cups of coffee/tea served, 1000GB traffic, 95% men and 5% women 😉

Molto divertenti sono anche le statistiche inerenti alla conference con 3500 tazze di caffé/te servite, 1000GB di traffico, 95% uomini 😉

Overall, they are really cool and have great knowledge in different sectors. I tried to soak up some ‘of their knowledge seeing some really interesting talk.

A series of posts with a summary of the talk I found most interesting will follow.

Here you can find the videos of all the talks of the conference (great organizzation by fourdigits guys).