The investments I evaluated

In recent months I found myself having to evaluate the forms of investment to invest the small capital accumulated over the years. I have evaluated several alternatives that would allow us to earn something more than the meager 1% (if any) of the various deposit accounts but that does not have the risks and does not require the attention of equity investments.

By evaluating the various investment categories, I discovered peer to peer (or p2p) loans which, in my opinion, have the best risk + time / benefit ratio.

The interests of p2p loans

P2p loans guarantee high interest, needless to hide behind a finger: this is the main benefit for which I think to choose them. The average interest of the various platforms I have seen is around 12% per year with a variance of 6% depending on the platform and the degree of risk. Here is a site (only in italian) that has helped me a lot in my choices on which p2p platforms to choose.

The risks of p2p loans

Hey Matteo, you wrote above that you wanted to minimize the risk right? Loans? Really? And if those who contract the debt do not pay?

Here comes the payback, a guarantee that now all the p2p platforms offer. In practice, it guarantees to the investor that, if the borrower does not pay, after a variable time of 30 to 60 days depending on the site, the platform undertakes to repay the capital and interest accrued during the delay, then taking charge of the credit collection.

Compare various p2p lending platforms