After a month of stop for an exam, the change of service provider and holidays spent partly in Bergamo, I’m back.

I happened to think too much in the last month.
It all started from the comparison with a person who has the innate ability to create trouble for (in a good way) to make me re-evaluate things with a cynical eye.
From these conversations I went out with a little ‘of certainty in less and it is good because the certainties are the worst blinders that we can have because it prevents us from looking inside.
It ‘important to accept the fact of having a part of the pitch-black soul who prefers happiness to melancholy, to light the darkness, goodness and wickedness in general the evil good. The important thing is to balance these two parts if you do not want to become a saint or a serial killer (neither prospects fascinates me …) I conclude with the first sentence of “The Little Book Shadow” by Robert Bly.

“When our body is illuminated by the sun, it appears bright, but casts a shadow that is obscure. It is brighter the light, the darker is the shadow”