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Discovering p2p lending market

The investments I evaluatedIn recent months I found myself having to evaluate the forms of investment to invest the small capital accumulated over the years. I have evaluated several alternatives that would allow us to earn something more than the meager 1% (if any)...

GIT as backup solution

Having to implement a backup system on my server I asked myself: What can I use? The simplest choice would have been a daily copy of the folder; on the other end the most obvious one would have been rsync. The main disadvantage of a simple daily copy is that it is not...

Running succesfull agile projects by Martin Aspeli

"If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said a faster horse." Henry Ford That's the starting point of the talk and it means: The costumer does not know what he wants (can have) at the beginning of the project and developers does not know how to do it....

PloneNG by David Glick

This talk was a really complete overview of what will be plone in the next future and an idea of how it will be in the far future. In plone 4.2: Search results, new collections, theme editor, hml5, supports python2.7 In plone 4.3: Dexterity, Syndication, z3cform for...

Chi sono e cosa faccio

I am a 36 year old Italian “young” man and I work with Python since 2008.

I work as a Plone developer at the University of Bologna, where, over the past 5 years, we have worked all the university websites that have about five million visitors a month.

In my spare time I started some Django collateral projects and against the open source ecosystem.

I was forced to learn my best in the short time I could devote to my projects by applying an agile approach to find quickly and effectively.

One of these projects was created by a pool in Django that allows the booking of umbrellas from the beach resorts of the Romagna coast. All bathrooms are searchable by features and location. This project was realized with three other friends at a distance from different European cities. Redmine as an issue tracker, Bitbucket (GIT) as a repository and created a loose channel for all communications.

Currently, in addition to work at the university, I am collaborating with young people from Bologna in the agritech field. The plasma network project envisages the creation of a sensor that allows you to follow the trend of the crops from your PC by tracing the humidity and the temperature of both the soil and the air along with other relevant data in agriculture such as the PH of the soil, the wind, light and everything else for which a sensor exists. All data visible on a web dashboard and invoice. Also on this project we use gitlab both as a tracker and as a git repository. All architecture has arrived docker container and will therefore be easy to scale.

I’ve been a Linux user since 2005 and now I use Linux Mint on my laptop and Ubuntu or Debian with container docker for my servers. In my free time I like hiking, playing soccer and cycling. I am also passionate about photography.

Le mie skill